Maria Gray

Undergraduate poet and writer from Portland, Oregon. Studying creative writing at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine.

Maria Gray is a 22-year-old poet from Portland, Oregon. Her work is forthcoming from or published in Best New Poets 2022, Kissing Dynamite, The Lumiere Review, SICK Magazine, Counterclock Journal, and others. Her poem "Rhythm 0" was selected by Luther Hughes as the winner of The Lumiere Review's 2022 poetry contest, and in 2021, she was named as an Adroit Prizes semifinalist for her poem "Where Were You When Mac Miller Died," which was selected for inclusion in Best New Poets 2022 by Paula Bohince. She is the recipient of additional honors from Bates College, Oregon Poetry Association, Portland State University, and the National Federation of State Poetry Societies. She is an alum of the Adroit Journal Summer Mentorship Program and Counterclock Journal's Counterclock Arts Collective and studies creative writing at Bates College, where she edits Snaggletooth Magazine.

"Where Were You When Mac Miller Died" - Snaggletooth Magazine (Issue 4), Best New Poets 2022 (forthcoming)
"Postictal Sonnet," "The Elephant" - SICK Magazine (Issue 4)
"Theophany" - antinarrative zine (Issue 02: MITSKI)
"Rhythm 0" - Lumiere Review (Issue 9), Snaggletooth Magazine (Issue 7)
"Persephone's Menarche" - Furrow Mag (Volume 23)
"How Dare You Leave Me" - Kissing Dynamite Poetry (Issue 42)
"Tetherball" - Ice Lolly Review (Issue XII)
"Sex," "Fever Dream Dispatch" - Counterclock Journal (Issue 13)
"Abecedarian After the Rape of Medusa" - The Foundationalist (Vol. V, Issue II)
"Object Impermanence" - perhappened mag (Issue 7: SNOWFALL)
"The President's Penis" - Hominum Journal (Issue 1)
"Panic Attack on the Corner of College and Vale," "Saying Grace," "February 15th," "Do This in Memory of Me" - Counterclock Journal (Issue 6)